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Ballet Neo Young Professionals

to create and educate

Announcing the launch of BALLET NEO YOUNG PROFESSIONALS for skilled dancers seeking advanced training. Working closely with experienced professionals, these young dancers delve deeply into their technique to investigate movement quality and performance presence while mastering Ballet Neo's challenging repertory.

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Professional dance experience for aspiring dance artists

A professional dance experience for aspiring artists focusing on technical training, choreography, and performance. 
The program will supplement Ballet Neo’s productions, allowing young adult dancers to bridge the gap between student and professional. It is open to Dancers ages 18+. Dancers rehearse, take company classes, and perform with company dancers. Tuition is income-based, and partial and full scholarships are available.
Interested applicants attend the Summer Workshops to be considered for the trainee position.
Personal attention cultivates critical thought, creative process, and exemplary physical self-expression. Our objectives include strengthening concepts of efficient alignment, clarifying classical ballet technique as underlying foundations for technical expertise, exploring contemporary technical styles, developing a unique voice for physical expression,

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